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Vida Children's Home

Impact Ministries, located in Tactic, Guatemala, came to EMI with a desire to expand from their original focus of building and operating Christian schools in and around Tactic to establishing and administering an orphanage for abandoned infants. It is Impact Ministries’ vision to offer a home environment to precious children who have been abandoned and have little hope for a future. They believe that God has chosen them to provide these little ones an opportunity to grow up in a godly, family-like setting where they are trained to be leaders who follow biblical principles and pursue the dreams God places on their hearts. They hoped to build the orphanage and its facilities, as well as new staff and volunteer housing, on their recently combined Chisac properties that they own.

An EMI team visited Tactic in February 2015 to survey and investigate the site, evaluate the needs of the ministry and to propose facilities to accommodate the long term vision for the Vida Chilren's Home. The team produced plans showing site layout, building sizes, and types of water, drainage, and electrical infrastructure required to support the proposed orphanage and staff and volunteer housing units.

To learn more visit Impact Ministries.