Project Portfolio

House of Hope - South Sudan

Due to the Sudanese civil war, many children in Juba live on the street and in the marketplaces. The House of Hope is a home for vulnerable girls with limited space and staff to meet the growing needs of their community. Right outside their gates, more than 80 percent of South Sudan suffers in poverty, leading to drug use, violence, illiteracy, and oftentimes starvation.

The primary vision for this project was to build a Girls’ Home at a complementary ministry location where up to 50 girls can be raised in a safe environment while receiving education and the love of Christ from the staff. The project was also planned for community outreach through a neighborhood medical clinic and school. 

EMI proposed the site master plan and developed designs necessary to prepare the site and begin construction of the phase 1 buildings. Proposed buildings were to be constructed along three phases. EMI also reviewed existing water, wastewater, drainage, and electrical systems to provide recommendations for improvement with particular focus on water and wastewater systems.

Phase 1 was constructed according to this masterplan. However, other planned phases were revised and adjusted with a change in ministry leadership.

Residence units. Right: Proposed site master plan.