Project Portfolio

Redemption in Christ Church

EMI was asked to design and oversee the construction of a new facility for Redemption in Christ Church. The lease at their existing facility was ending and they were quickly outgrowing their current space. They had acquired land nearby and had a very small, fixed budget to work with. The finished design incorporated classrooms for English and computer lessons, small dorm rooms for about a dozen nearby university students, an auditorium for approximately 70 people and accommodations for the senior Pastor and his family. The design was phased to allow changes while in construction or in the future if funds became available. Fortunately, during construction additional funding was found and the building was expanded to allow for a usable rooftop terrace.  Eventually, an additional floor will be added, which will allow the building to accommodate approximately 100 people.

Rendering of the proposed church developed in Sketchup to help the client visualize the finished building.

Adding the roof to the building which is nearly 60% complete at this stage.