Project Portfolio

New City Delhi

New City Delhi is a young church, started in 2018 by Pastor Ranjit Deepa and a group of friends. What began as a few families meeting together once a week quickly blossomed into a regular Sunday morning gathering. Their aim is to reach the urban youth and unchurched in the city of Delhi.

After meeting in hotel basements for nearly a year, their numbers steadily grew to the point that they needed a more permanent space to meet. After much searching, they leased two floors of an office building in Hauz Khas Village, a vibrant arts hub in the city.

New City provided a strong creative direction for their space, and EMI designed and renovated these two floors to accommodate a worship hall and co-working space. The first floor of the space includes an entry foyer, seating for 70, a stage, and AV booth.  With moveable seating, the space can easily be configured into arrangements approriate for music nights, art shows, and various other ministry outreach events hosted by the church.  The second floor offers an entry foyer and pantry, creche, open work area, and seminar room for 26. Restrooms and lift access on both levels are located outside the foyer.

Second floor co-working space doubles as children’s space on Sunday mornings.