Project Portfolio

Gem Assisted Living Home

The Gem Foundation needed two homes for their adult children who are learning to live more independently yet still receiving care and assistance. The EMI designed Assisted Living Homes where constructed to meet this purpose.  

The typical home is divided into 3 distinct yet harmonious zones, breaking down the building into a central living area and two bedroom sections each containing three bedrooms and shared bathroom. The central section is the entry point to the building with space to storing walking aids used by the residents. Additionally it contains living, dining and kitchen spaces. This section of the building opens onto an east facing terrace with view over the agricultural land. The bedrooms are accessed via double loaded corridors on either side of the living/kitchen spaces.

The simple mono pitched roof floating above the solid masonry building frame offers  large surface area for ease of construction, large surface area for both rainfall water harvesting and solar panel exposure.

Render of Gem Assisted Living Home by EMI Uganda.