Project Portfolio

Amazima TASS Ph 4 DD

Amazima Ministries identified the need for high-quality secondary school education in Uganda for their sponsored children that will teach a Christian worldview and help students think more creatively. The ministry suggested a Student Life Centre (SLC) as a hub for students.

EMI Uganda proposed a unique and memorable place for students, set apart from the rest of the school campus in a way that emphasizes the place of knowledge and discipleship in student lives. The hub includes a library, a plaza, and open covered meeting and recreational spaces. Gradually stepping down the site, the library building naturally forms distinct zones within its walls: terraces to sit and read; study tables, and a wall of books and book stacks. The height of the building and the container wall of books creates the need for access to upper stacks of books, which is accomplished by an elevated walkway.

Top: Box windows framed within bookshelves.
Right: Library interior space.