Project Portfolio

Yazidi Community Master Plan

The Yazidi Empowerment Project by Samaritan’s Purse aimed to create a new community for displaced Yazidi families, providing each family with a home and 1,000 square meters of greenhouse space for crop cultivation.

The design prioritizes the well-being of the residents, with homes nestled between recreational and community spaces. This layout offers both physical and visual "breathing" room, enhancing the overall livability of the community.

The northern portion of the site is dedicated to agriculture, featuring 150 greenhouses. Each family receives two greenhouses, enabling them to grow crops for sustenance and income. Recognizing the community's distance from the nearest town, a community shop space has been included. These shops also serve as shaded gathering spots, overlooking the soccer field and other recreational areas.

The community centre, designed to avoid overpowering the site, is strategically spread along its length. It is divided into clusters for the clinic, church, education, and administration, ensuring that the centre integrates seamlessly with the local beneficiary community.

Original concept render of Beneficiary Housing area