Project Portfolio

Kangwha Training Center

This Training Center campus has a unique and purposeful initiative, combining efforts of two ministries KRIN and CMI, to create a space for worship, training, and equipping of individuals with a heart for North Korea. Close to the DMZ, the site has a direct view into North Korea, which adds a significant symbolic and strategic dimension to this project.

The worship center of the Micro Hotel (pictured above) can seat 70 people. Opening the window blinds, which face north, focuses prayer for North Korea and the underground church.

The repurposed primary school serves as a training and equipping center. The aim of this facility is to spiritually prepare individuals for potential future engagement with North Korea, anticipating a day when that country may open up to the world.

The overall vision for the campus is rooted in reconciliation, spiritual preparation, and a commitment to supporting those who wish to engage with North Korea in a meaningful and compassionate way. This project is a testament to the power of hope & faith, and a desire to contribute positively to the well-being of people in very challenging geopolitical circumstances.

Original concept for lower level of Micro Hotel. Right: The primary school building was repurposed as a training center for CMI / KRIN.