Birthplace: Sacramento, California
Profession: Marketing Specialist
Joined EMI: November 2020
Verse: Philemon 1:4-7
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“Not yet,” the answer I heard growing up as I repeatedly asked God to send me on a mission trip. Sitting in our church pews, leaning forward and being captivated by every word as missionaries shared about their experiences, my entire being would come alive. However, despite multiple attempts to go on a mission trip growing up, the opportunities never worked out and I settled into God’s answer of “not yet.” Then in college, after working with a micro-finance organization in Oaxaca, Mexico, God clearly revealed that I was to combine my faith and business-marketing experience to pursue my passion to help others.

It was through this passion and experience that God led me to Engineering Ministries International. EMI is a Christian nonprofit development organization that develops people, designs structures, and constructs facilities that serve communities and the church. In 2021, I joined EMI as its first business marketing fellow in which I earned my graduate certificate in Christian ministry while working on the business development team. During this time, I spent 9 months working in EMI's South Africa office where I felt God calling me to join staff with EMI Global as a marketing specialist upon completion of the fellowship.

Marketing is the bridge between EMI and the resources needed to complete its projects around the world. In the last two years, I have personally witnessed how the Lord continues to bring restoration through design and this impact has sparked a fire under me to share these stories with others. I would be honored if you would prayerfully consider partnering with me in the great things that God will do through my ministry at EMI. I am so glad that God’s “not yet” has turned into a “Go now!” Will you join me?