Andre Olwagen

Staff Architect | M&L Project Evaluator
EMI Global
Joined EMI: February 2018
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Professional Training & Experience

André finished his BTech: Architectural Technology Degree in 2009 after 5 years of study.

In 2010 he started his career in a small practice based in Windhoek, Namibia, - specialising in medium to upmarket housing. Whilst there he accepted a job offer in a medium sized office in the Gulf of Thailand. Projects ranged from new resorts, a new city to a contemporary art museum (Design Competition) all within South East Asia. From there he moved back to Cape Town where he worked in a number of small firms, settling in a timber architecture specialist office for four years. 
André's heart for architecture changed drastically and felt a deep desire to do architecture that will bring hope and inspiration to others. Through a number of conversations with friends and a talk by EMI he landed up on a project trip in Managua, Nicaragua, where he encountered Gods heart for people, family, community and himself. 
He is now part of the EMI SA staff.

Ministry Experience

His home church is Common Ground (Rondebosch) where he is on the deacons team, leads a Lifegroup of around 16-20 people and leads a ministry team. 
Over the past few years he has gone to Madagascar on mission trips to serve churches both in the major and smaller cities. Serving in areas of street ministry, young adult workshops/leadership training, planning and preaching...
Last year he joined HeliMissions to go preach the heart and love of God in rural/tribal villages in the west of Madagascar.
He enjoys day to day living out the gospel and walking with others in the process. He presses on in the adventures with God.


André is the middle child of 3 in a family of five. His parents are retired and live out of town (Cape Town) basking in country living. Perched on top of a hill they look over vast farmland and magnificent mountains. His older sister and younger brother live within an hour of him.