Jeff Rollins

IT Manager
EMI Global
Joined EMI: June 2019
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Professional Training & Experience

I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering.  I have done further study in IT and have MCSE certification with Microsoft.  My experience has been in rural development in Nepal where I worked on drinking water systems (Hydraulic Ram Pumps), food processing equipment, and roofing tiles to replace thatch.  In 1998 I moved into IT consulting with 5 years in Colorado and 15 years in India at Woodstock School and rural schools.  I have experience with IT consulting and IT management in Woodstock School, which is a large school campus, as well as with tablet computer use in rural schools.

Ministry Experience

Professional work and faith experience go hand in hand when working in Asia.  My profession has allowed me to work in engineering settings as well as in education settings while being a member of local faith communities.  Supporting other's faith and learning process has been a key aspect of how I serve as a believer in a professional environment. I have always sought ways to serve the local christian fellowship where we served, joining in with the youth ministry, small group Bible studies, and Church committees when appropriate.


My wife Sue and I have 4 children (and spouses), 5 grandsons, and now 1 granddaughter, who are all a real blessing to us.  We have moved to the US recently to be near to 3 of our children's families which is a real blessing but leaving family behind in India has been a challenge.  My childhood was spent in India where my brother and sisters and I grew up.  Our parents worked in mission hospitals while we attended boarding school.  Knowing 3 cultures and 3 languages has helped to broaden Sue and my understanding of the differences between people of different faith and culture, but has also meant that we tend to identify with aspects of many cultures and not just one. This makes us "third culture kids" which has its benefits and struggles.