Jenni Keiter

EMI Global
Joined EMI: March 2014

Professional Training & Experience

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Theatre Production, University of Florida

Owner, Avodah Images Photography, since 2010

Jenni picked up a camera during theatre school.  Many years later after practicing on her kids she felt confident enough to do family photography and weddings.  She picked up video almost by accident through some work for her homeschool community and has spent the past five years growing in that skill.  Jenni still feels like a novice videographer and enjoys every single project trip as an opportunity to grow and learn.


Ministry Experience

Jenni went on her first EMI trip in 2012 and was excited to find that both EMI and the client ministry had a need for photo and video work.  Her husband, Kevin (mechanical engineer) joined as staff in the US office in March of 2015 and Jenni volunteered on a couple of trips each year until 2018 when she came on in a part-time staff role.  In the fall of 2016 the Keiter Family took a term in the MENA office to fill in for staff on home assignment.  While they found that particular area of the world a very difficult place to live, they gained a world of insight and wisdom about missions work and building relationships with those who do not know Christ.


Jenni and Kevin have 3 beautiful children, 2 of whom Jenni homeschools (the eldest being off to film school).  They both enjoy hosting and mentoring EMI interns and taking them out to explore the extraordinary state of Colorado.