Jim Jose

Design Manager
EMI Uganda
Joined EMI: December 2015
Birthplace: Crete, Nebraska, USA
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Professional Training & Experience

  • BArch, Architecture, Texas Tech University - Lubbock, TX, 1999
  • BFA Design Technology, Texas Tech University - Lubbock, TX, 1999
  • MArch, Architecture, Texas Tech University - Lubbock, TX, 2001

The day after graduating with a Master's Degree in Architecture Jim moved to Colorado to begin building his career.  In 2004, with a college friend, he helped to found a Design-Build company desiring to build great buildings and great people.  In 2012 he continued that effort in starting a new architecure firm in Denver, CO.  Ultimately the Lord used that experience to grow Jim into a desire to serve in the capacity of architecture and people, which aligns very well with the vision of EMI. 

Ministry Experience

Jim has been serving through many short term mission trips with EMI since an inagural trip to Haiti after the devastating earthquake in 2010.  Additionally Jim and his wife Joanna have served actively in leadership of their sending church, and spent many years ministering to engaged and married couples through counseling and enrichment.  However,  they would share that they never imagined they would be living in long-term, foreign mission service.   But in 2015, when God called them into a radically different life, that is exactly what happend.  They moved out in faith to full time ministry with EMI in the Uganda office where Jim serves as the Design Manager.


Jim & Joanna have been married for 18 years, raising three children ages 15, 13, and 11.  Each of them all serve in their own mission capacity working with local school children in different villages around Uganda.  They all share a sense of adventure and can be found exploring the countries of the world and investing in God's people wherever they are.