John Breitenstein

Vice President of Strategy
EMI Global
Joined EMI: July 2011
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Professional Training & Experience

  • B.S. Biblical Studies with a minor in Psychology, John Brown University
  • Graduate Studies, Reformed Theological Seminary
  • Certified Senior Professional in Human Resources
  • Trained Mediator and Conciliation Coach 

John has spent over 20 years in church and parachurch ministry, with a professional emphasis in strategic management and people development (training, coaching, member/pastoral care, discipleship, and conciliation).   

Ministry Experience

  • Youth/Church Ministry 1998 - 2004 
  • FamilyLife Minitries, CRU 2004 - 2011
  • EMI Uganda 2012 - 2017
  • EMI Global 2014 - present

John has spent most of his adult life working in Church and parachurch ministry - youth ministry, marriage and family ministry, and foriegn missions.   Through this time John has gained passion, experience, and training in biblical conflict resolution, human resources and management, and pastoral/member care.  

in early 2012, John, along with his wife, Janel and their four kids, made the transition to Uganda to serve with EMI.   While certainly a challenge, that time proved to be a great joy and invaluable, expanding so much of how they perceive God, see the world around them, and engage in helping others.  

Today, that experience along with so many others, helps to inform the way John serves in his church and serves the staff of EMI worldwide through his role in the Global Office.


John and Janel met and married in university and in many ways have grown into ministry and adult life together.   They have four imaginative children who are now "third culture kids" growing up for more than 5 years of their early development in Uganda.