Jorge Rosales

Supervisor de Construcción
EMI Nicaragua
Joined EMI: February 2017
Birthplace: Diriamba, Nicaragua

Professional Training & Experience

Civil Engineer graduated from National University of Engineering (Managua, Nicaragua) with a minor mention in project management and budgeting.

  • During his last year before graduating in 2008, Jorge worked for a multidisciplinary business advisory center based in Bolivia (CAEM consulting group).
  • A year later in January 2009 of that first experience Jorge started to work as a resident engeneer, managing and supervising the installation of vertical, horizontal road signs. Supply and installation of metal side fence, cat eyes and installation of traffic light systems for a private Nicaraguan Company.
  • Jorge decided to explore other forms of professions so in 2012 he became Director of Operations of a Spanish School, and then in 2015 founded his own language school until he joined EMI Nicaragua back in 2017.

Ministry Experience

Youth Ministry: His fundamental objective working with the Youth Ministry is to foster in the young person an encounter with Christ that transforms his life, which makes him discover in Christ the fullness of meaning and the meaning of the totality of his existence. Hoping that as a result, a conversion process will arise, the search for a full identification with Him, the sanctity of life. From the encounter with Christ, the experience of belonging to the Church, the evangelizing proclamation and commitment in the midst of the world will also emerge.


Jorge Rosales

Karla Acuña (Wife)

Valentina Rosales (Daughter)