Philip Greene

Office Director
EMI Uganda
Joined EMI: May 2009
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Professional Training & Experience

  • B.S. Architectural Engineering, Cal Poly State University, USA 2005
  • P.E. State of California, USA
  • MUIPE/ERB Registered Engineer, Uganda

Ministry Experience

Phil was born and raised in Central and East Africa. His father's work as an orthopedic surgeon took them to several countries in the region, where Phil's parents ministered to the poor and trained emerging African surgeons. From these roots grew Phil's passion to serve the poor and declare the gospel in breadth and depth. While receiving professional training and mentoring in California, Phil led small groups and the missions program at Trinity Presbyterian Church. In 2009 the church sent Phil and his family to partner with EMI Uganda in raising the standard of excellence in the East African construction industry.


Phil and Emily met while studying at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya, and the chemistry between them was obvious to their closest friends! They married in California in 2002 and God has given them three incredible children. While they have shifted house many times since their marriage, they have now put their roots down in Makindye, Kampala, where God is helping them to establish community and raise their children.