Serina Swanson

Joined EMI: January 2019
Birthplace: Fresno, California

Professional Training & Experience

AS in Horticulture Science        Walnut, CA  2004

*Certified in: 

           Landscape Design       Nursery Management      Floral Design     Interior Landscape Design

Serina spent some time in the horticulture industry, dabbled some in floral design, then she found administrative/accounting positions more to her liking. She then spent several more years within a mission training environment.  It seemed to be a natural fit to come on board with EMI as the office Administrator. She joined EMI in January 2019.

Ministry Experience

Working with Mission Training International, in an administrative capacity, within the children's department was a huge blessing to Serina. While serving with MTI she learned quite a bit about missions and the challenges of working and living in different cultures. It is her desire to be of assistance to those who are facing some of those challenges. It is also a huge blessing to be part of reaching out to all corners of the world while serving the Lord.


Serina met her husband David 26 years ago. The Lord blessed them with the ablity to settle into life in Colorado. Currently, they both enjoy living in Colorado Springs with their two dogs, one parrot, and one fish named Gil.