Steve Hoyt

Staff On Assignment
EMI Uganda

Joined EMI: August 2005
Birthplace: Farmington Maine
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Professional Training & Experience

  • BA in Environmental Design, Texas A&M University College of Architecture
  • Custom Furniture Design Company, Kansas City, MO
  • Custom Design/Build Firm, Colorado Springs, CO
  • EMI Uganda Architect / Project Manager
  • EMI Uganda Senior Project Manager
  • Rift Valley Academy Maintenance Supervisor / Project Manager

Ministry Experience

Steve accepted Christ as an adult. Then, by divine intervention, found himself renting office space beneath the EMI USA office, where he was recruited as the lead architect for a short-term design trip to Guatemala. That 10 day trip changed his entire perspective on what it means to be a purposeful Christian. And from this life changing event, Steve felt called to serve Christ while using his professional abilities in order to share the Gospel of hope among men around the globe. He agreed to go where ever he was needed. So in 2005, EMI sent Steve and his family to Uganda. He continues to move wherever needed, which now is onsite at Rift Valley Academy, where he is managing their maintenance team, new construction, and the remodeling needs for RVA, located in Kijabe, Kenya. Once again, by building men and women in Christ, Steve and his team are better meeting the physical needs of RVA.


Steve and Melinda met in Colorado Springs, and were married in 2000. They have 5 daughters (Hannah, Madeline, Janet, Sophia, and Helena), a little sister in Hope, and many wonderful friends in Uganda. Using their various gifts and talents, the Hoyt family loves living and serving in East Africa.