Sue Rollins

Culture Trainer
Joined EMI: January 2022

Professional Training & Experience

I am a trained teacher and have taught for 10 years in an elementary school  in India.  I have helped to run a mentoring program for teachers in village schools in Northern India including running training programs in teaching and observing and critiquing lesson plans and methods of teaching.  I also have been trained to teach in the children's program at Mission training international Colorado springs, Colorado where I taught for 2 years.  

Ministry Experience

I was involved in ministering to families going overseas during my two years working with MTI.  I was involved in ministering to children while teaching at Woodstock School.  I also was a part of a small home group fellowship where we discipled friends from the local Indian church.  During my mentoring program for teachers in India I did alot of discipling the teachers that I was mentoring as we worked through what it meant to be a teacher in a christian school.  


I am married to Jeff Rollins.  We have 4 children Asha, Jyoti, Priya, and Daniel.  They are all grown and out of the house.  We have 5 grandsons and one grand daughter whom we can't see enought of!