Important message about the COVID-19 Coronavirus

In an effort to care for all of our personnel, families, and mission around the world, EMI has been taking a number of steps in response to the progress of COVID-19.

Location-specific Crisis Management Teams are now in place to monitor COVID developments, inform, and care for EMI personnel. All official EMI travel (including project travel) has been cancelled or postponed and no new travel plans are being prepared until further notice. EMI’s worldwide offices are in varying states of closure with personnel working remotely or from home as they are able.

We continue to actively monitor the situation and will respond to new information affecting our worldwide ministry and teams. We view the COVID-19 Coronavirus an opportunity to live out the gospel and our faith in Jesus through the ministry of EMI.

Valerie Rubombora

Architecture Fellow
EMI Uganda
Joined EMI: August 2019

Professional Training & Experience

  • B.AS, B.AS (Hons), Masters of Architecture (Professional), University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Intern Architect with EMI Uganda T1 2014
  • Gregory Katz Architecture | MSRS Architects, 2014
  • Studio FH Architects 2017-2019
  • Architecture Fellow with EMI Uganda, 2019 to Present

After finishing architecture school in South Africa, Valerie moved back to Uganda and joined the staff of Studio FH Architects in Kampala where she worked on the design and architectural supervision of a variety of civic and residential projects mostly located in rural Uganda. She participated in a couple of project trips with EMI and, in 2019, felt called to join EMI through the fellowship program.

Ministry Experience

Ministry has featured, for Valerie, in the form of fellowship and music. She has served with music teams within the church from when she left high school, and has helped facilitate fellowships in various capacities through the years. Currently, she ministers mostly as leader of a young workers’ home cell of her church helping to draw people together in fellowship, plan for the year and encourage the 20-30 somethings in her cell to grow together in Christ. She also works closely with the Creative Arts ministry within her church, hoping to build and support artists in their faith as well as communicate the Gospel through the performing arts.


Valerie is the second child in a Kampala-based family that comes from Fort Portal.  She lives with her parents and three siblings while her sister lives close by with her brother-in-law and 2 delightful nieces. She has a close knit extended family, as well as a family of friends from around the country and world.