Birthplace: Rockville, MD
Profession: Owner's Rep / Contract Manager
Joined EMI: October 2018
Verse: Proverbs 3:5-6
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Jim and Jen are excited to have the privilege of joining Engineering Ministries International (EMI) in Cape Town, South Africa. Jim will join as a construction manager and Jen as intern coordinator and engineering educator/mentor. The core values of EMI are design, discipleship, and diversity. The Forrests look forward to using their skills to advance the gospel by focusing on reconciliation and restoration through collaborative efforts with community-based ministries and NGOs in southern Africa. 

Jen came to Christ as a young child and grew deeper in faith and commitment to the Lord through the Navigator ministry at the University of Maryland. After graduating with a civil engineering degree, she spent a summer on a construction project with TEEN Missions in 1982. Jim came to faith through the Navigators at the University of Delaware and spent a summer on a Navajo reservation after completing a civil engineering degree in 1982.

They met through the Navigator ministry after college and discovered that they had a lot in common, including their careers and heart for missions.  God has been preparing them for this next step in their faith journey through their jobs as well as involvement in their local Christian & Missionary Alliance church, mission trips, and raising three children. Their visits to South Africa in August 2018 and September 2019 to meet with the EMI team in Cape Town have confirmed the Lord’s calling and plan for them. 

Each year EMI completes over 80 development projects which serve the poor and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To keep these design and construction services affordable for Christian ministries, EMI staff like the Forrests are responsible for raising their own salaries. Would you consider partnering with the Forrests by financially supporting their work throughout Southern Africa?