Aug 31 - Sept 12

EMI has a long-standing partnership with Tenwek Hospital, assisting them with master planning, facility design and construction, as well as infrastructure assessments. Tenwek has plans to develop a new Cardiothoracic Center near their existing campus that will require water, wastewater, and electrical utilities to be extended to service this property. As Tenwek continues to expand their clinical services, one of the major limiting factors that must also be addressed is their current water and wastewater infrastructure capacity. EMI has been asked to assist with the necessary infrastructure improvements and expansions in order to service their future growth and development plans.

Project Scope

Tenwek Hospital has acquired 3.5 acres that is situated approximately 0.5 kilometers from the existing hospital campus where they plan to develop a new Cardiothoracic Center. In order to develop this property, water, wastewater and electrical utilities must be extended to provide service. EMI will assist with assessing the proposed facility demands and designing the proposed utility extensions. 

In order to extend water and wastewater service to the new property, it will be necessary to improve the infrastructure associated with these utilities. The existing water and wastewaster treatment systems at Tenwek do not have sufficent capacity, functionality, or redundancy to satisfactorily meet the demands of the current hospital campus and resident facilities. Water is being supplied from the Mara River adjacent to Tenwek's property and treated through a conventional surface water treatment facility. Wastewater effluent is being collected from septic tanks that serve as primary treatment and is being further treated through mechanical aeration, constructed wetlands, and chlorination. EMI will assist with the design of new water and wastewater treatment facilities that will meet the existing demands of the campus as well as the proposed future expansions.

The existing water and wastewater utility networks at Tenwek are also aging and in need of improvements. A recent facility fire at Tenwek has also raised some interest in providing additional water system capacity for basic fire protection services. EMI will assist with evaluating and designing the necessary water and wastewater utility upgrades within the existing campus. 

Please consider joining us to help Tenwek Hospital continue to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the people in their community. 

— Jason Chandler, EMI USA trip leader


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