Aug 28 – Sep 10, 2018

EMI is excited to partner with Nkhoma Hospital in their service to the surrounding community which has spanned over 100 years. This ministry provides quality health care service to all in a compassionate and professional manner inspired by the love of Jesus Christ. The hospital is a part of the larger Nkhoma mission that includes three primary, two secondary and a theological school, as well as a nursing college. The entire mission has continued to grow over the years and the campus and hospital need various upgrades so that they can continue to serve the 32,000 person community that surrounds them.

Project Scope

The hospital is in great need of a new maternity surgical major and minor theatre in order to more effectively serve their labor and delivery department.  Additionally, local utility power is often overloaded, so the mission faces regular power outages that impact the water supply pumping systems. Finally, an undersized wastewater system is due for a major overhaul. 

Architecturally, the maternity ward and surgical theatre are on opposite sides of the campus. A new HIV ward is currently being built, providing an opportunity to convert the old HIV ward into a minor and major surgical theatre adjacent to maternity. Other architectural improvements may be undertaken depending on the capacity of the team.

For water, we will assess and provide recommendations for the current water infrastructure including evaluation of their three sources, pumping systems and their power sources, storage, treatment and major distribution routing on the mission campus. We will also document current maintenance procedures. 

For electrical, we will assess and provide recommendations for the current power distrubution supporting the campus water system and evaluate the hosptial systems. We will also be determining if solar is an appropriate alternative.

A conceptual wastewater lagoon masterplan has already been developed for the site and we will be providing a review and further recommendations to the system plan. 

Please consider joining this team and helping ensure the Nkoma Hospital can continue loving those around it with quality care in Jesus' name.

— Kevin Keiter, EMI USA trip leader


Architecture: Position filled
Civil Engineering: Position filled
Electrical Engineering: Position filled
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