Sep 3-10, 2018

EMI has been asked to design a stream intake and water treatment facility for an upcoming Christian conference center in Cambodia called Noah's Ark Resort. The facility will accomodate approximately 1,500 people and the anticipated water demand exceeds 1,000,000 liters per day.  This will be the first phase of a mulit-phase project that will continue for years to come as the project develops and grows.  

Noah’s Ark Resort is a Christian resort situated in Kampong Chhnang province, Cambodia.  It is expected to meet the needs of Christian families, churches and organizations, as a venue for retreats, ​seminars and conferences. The conference facility will be developed on 200 hectares (500 acres) of land.  

Project Scope

Noah’s Ark Resort has recently obtained government permission to develop a stream intake and water filtration system approximately 7 km from the conference center location.  The stream is a small mountain stream with boulders and generally runs clear.  During heavy rain events the stream swells and becomes quite muddy.  An area of land near the proposed stream intake has been approved to place a water filtration system.  The water from this stream will be used to serve the conference center and farm.  

The EMI team will travel to the site of this stream intake, potential treatment location and conference facility.  We will perform a topograpic survey of the area, assess intake options, measure stream flow, water quality and make determinations on the best treatment methods.  We will then work with the ministry leaders to develop a schematic design of the selected treatment method.  A detailed design of the stream intake and treatment system will be developed by the Cambodian office staff after the completion of the project trip. 

Our team will also develop a conceptual design of the conference center water system including daily water demand, location filtration systems and/or storage systems as well as the main onsite distribution network.  

— Chad Gamble, EMI Cambodia trip leader


Civil Engineering: Position filled
Survey: Position filled
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