Aug 30 – Sep 11, 2018

Building upon a long-standing partnership with HOPEthiopia, EMI is excited to come alongside them once again, this time to aid the youth of Rwanda as they strive to rise above the challenges of the country's recent history. This EMI team will provide a master plan, facility and infrastructure design for a 1.6 Ha, undeveloped property in the Gahanga community of Kigali, Rwanda.

Project Scope

Due to Rwanda’s tumultuous history, many of her youth and young adults are marginalized. Those left orphaned and homeless are often uneducated, have little or no opportunity for such, and have minimal job prospects. Many have survived violent childhoods, and choose to numb the pain of trauma with drugs and alcohol. Without the support of family, many of these youth turn to illicit means to provide for themselves. 

The mission of HOPEthiopia/Rwanda (HOPE) is to foster the educational, physical, social, emotional, economic, and spiritual growth of the most marginalized Rwandan youth.  HOPE’s beneficiaries include orphaned young men and women; widowed young women; and children of the young men and women in HOPE’s program.  Operating within the context of a loving, safe, dignifying, hopeful, and empowering environment, HOPE’s projects purpose to impart the principles of love, grace, justice, compassion, and integrity.

Having successfully established a women’s tailoring school and residence, as well as a men’s transitional program, it is time to build a purpose-specific facility that will contain HOPE’s projects and sustain its vulnerable beneficiaries.

The EMI Team will develop a site plan for a newly-acquired 1.6 hectare property on productive agricultural land in Gahanga, Kigali.  This ministry campus will include residence buildings, a workshop, a training centre, a dining hall, offices, and a retail shop.  The site will be developed in a phased manner, beginning with a Volunteer Home and a workshop.  The team will also develop infrastructure to support the building and their occupants, including electricity supply requiring a transformer and generator; water supply for the site and the community; and a septic system.

Imagine using your skills to help bring to fruition HOPE’s vision: To see Rwanda’s most marginalized youth become confident, fulfilled, and faithful leaders, contributing to the sustainable development of Rwanda.  Would you consider joining the EMI team as we work alongside HOPE increase the impact and sustainability of this exciting ministry? 

— Steve Ulrich, EMI Canada trip leader


Architecture: Planning, Landscape, Gen. Arch.
Civil Engineering: Storm water, Potable Water, Wastewater, Grading
Electrical Engineering: Power Distribution
Structural Engineering:
Other Specialties: Agricultural Engineering
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