February 2019

Over the past eight years the Anglican Church in Ethiopia has seen enormous growth, from seven congregations in 2000 to over 140 today. The growth has been wide, but for many, faith has yet to deepen. There is need to build up believers so that the church can grow under local leadership. As such, investment is needed in terms of churches and para-church activities in order to facilitate teaching and discipling, whilst continuing to reach out to the communities.

Project Scope

EMI have been invited to design a master plan for a site adjacent to Gambela University, in one of the least developed regions in the country. The vision for the land is for a multi-purpose campus including school, guest house, community clinic and sports facilities with a church at its heart. It is hoped that this campus will serve both the university and the surrounding town. It will be a place to build up Ethiopian believers, whilst reaching out to the community in the provision of education and healthcare.

The design team will be helping the client to make the best use of the 4-5 acre plot – presenting them with possibilities for how to incorporate the different activities effectively. During the 7-10 days on site, we will be meeting with local church leaders, surveying the site, researching local building practices and determining the priorities of the community in order to help them plan for the future.

EMI has a long-standing relationship with the Anglican Church in Ethiopia, including designing a church in Gambela which has since been constructed. We’re delighted to have this opportunity to partner with them again in order to support them in their mission of “Reaching the Unreached; Making Disciples; Serving our Neighbors; Working for Unity; Dialoguing with Others.” Will you consider joining this team and being part of their vision for the future?


Architecture: Gen. Arch.
Civil Engineering: Position filled
Electrical Engineering: Power Distribution, Solar
Survey: Surveyor
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