EMI Uganda’s partnership with Kibuye Hope Hospital began in 2012. Since that time, EMI has assisted Kibuye in the design and construction of six new buildings as well as mulitiple landscape, road and electrical infrastructure projects. Kibuye’s continued outstanding medical and gospel-proclamation work in an exceptionally needy part of the world inspires us and draws us to worship. In this engagement, Kibuye has invited EMI to update their campus survey, design a new Ophthalmology Building, and pull together detailed plans for a wastewater treatment facility.

Project Scope

Kibuye Hospital was founded in the 1940s by Free Methodist Missionaries and has served the surrounding area continuously since its founding, with periodic interruptions due to political instability. In 2010, the Hospital came under the umbrella of Hope Africa University (HAU), which is a Christian university, founded in 2000. HAU has a number of graduate programs including medical and nursing schools with a student body of over 5,000. The 2013 arrival of six expatriate career teacher-physicians brought with it some aggressive facilities upgrades and expansions. The hospital is staffed by African MDs but is assisted by visiting expatriate professionals of around 20 per year. Everything done in connection with Hope Africa University, including its hospital campus, has a strong Christian witness component along with the desire to train African leadership at the highest levels of excellence.


EMI produced a full site assessment and multi-disciplinary master plan in 2013. In the years since then, Kibuye has completed the first few phases of master plan implementation – new medical student housing, new doctors’ housing, new roads, new isolation, medical and surgical wards, etc. They have asked EMI to return to Kibuye with a specialized team that will design a long-awaited wastewater treatment facility and a new Ophthalmology Center, both of which they plan to construct in the next three years. It is the University’s desire to see plans for helping the hospital develop from an 85-bed hospital into a 300-bed teaching facility that would also accommodate the new medical student, nursing student, and medical resident population, all of whom would train at the hospital.


We at EMI East Africa consider it a privilege to partner with Hope Africa University and Kibuye Hope Hospital at this pivotal stage of development, and invite you to join us! Kibuye Hospital is strategically situated to make a significant impact for the Kingdom of God. By offering your skills and expertise, you can help to enable this proven organization to meet the medical, educational, and spiritual needs of thousands of Africans in one of the poorest nations in the world. Will you pray about and consider joining our team?

— Phil Greene, EMI Uganda trip leader


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