Early February 2019
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The Presbyterian Church of Senegal (EPS), in partnership with West African Reformed Mission, is committed to seeing children brought into the Kingdom of God and provided a safe place to live and learn. Children in West Africa remain the most vulnerable part of society, often being neglected and sometimes targeted by a growing sex trafficking industry in the region. EPS is able to demonstrate God’s love to some of these at-risk children by building children’s homes and Christian schools.

Project Scope

The Presbyterian Church in Senegal (EPS) recently purchased 3 hectares of land to build a new girls' home campus for its ministry to at-risk girls.  The piece of land is located north of Malikounda, not far from EMI’s Senegal office.  They currently rely on rented homes in an urban environment where costs are increasing and there is little space for the children to play.  The ministry plans to build a campus consisting of several small cottage-style homes for the girls to live in, space for agriculture and space for animal care.  It is hoped that the agriculture and animal care will contribute to the running costs of the campus, enabling it to become more self-sustaining. 

The proposed campus is part of an important strategy for making in-roads into new communities for evangelism and church planting.  The Wolof people make up the largest ethnic group in Senegal with almost 6 million people.  This is an unreached people group, and it is estimated that there may only be 200 Christian believers.  The position of this new campus will aide in reaching a new Wolof community with the gospel.

EPS asked EMI to design a master plan for the site which will include architectural layouts for the cottage-style homes, water supply, wastewater management and electrical needs. In addition, EMI will produce construction details for the first phase buildings so that construction can commence as soon as funds are raised.

Will you pray and consider joining our team for this trip?  By offering your skills and expertise, you can help make an impact for the Kingdom of God in West Africa and play a part in proclaiming the gospel where it has never been heard before.

— David Wright, EMI Senegal trip leader


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