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Opened in 2008, CURE Ethiopia treats the orthopedic needs of physically disabled children from its high-quality facility in Addis Ababa. The hospital is part of CURE International, a network of specialized healthcare centers whose mission is ‘healing the sick and proclaiming the kingdom of God.’ In a nation where few have good access to medical care, they also provide training in advanced orthopedic techniques, whilst serving disabled children regardless of ethnic origin , religion or economic background.

Project Scope

CURE Ethiopia is a 57 ward bed  and 20 rehabilitation bed hospital treating a wide range of orthopedic conditions including clubfoot, burn contractures, fractures and other acquired or congenital conditions in addition to burn contractures, cleft lip and palate. Their campus consists of wards, four operating rooms & one procedure room, outpatients, diagnostics, auxiliary services and admin areas; alongside spaces for physiotherapy and education. Their desire is to reflect and proclaim the kingdom of God through the provision of excellent medical care and training, and so are looking to evaluate their existing facilities and plan for the future.

EMI has been invited to design a phased master plan for the complex. This will involve assessing their infrastructure and facilities; giving structural, civil, HVAC, and electrical recommendations; and providing conceptual architectural designs for the proposed developments including a new OR and extensions to the existing ward, outpatients department and kitchen. The team will evaluate the buildings and campus in regards to ADA accessibility, whilst evaluating existing medical spaces in order to recommend improvements that will improve the quality of care and meet international building standards.

EMI has previously worked with CURE hospitals in Niger, Uganda and Malawi and has seen firsthand their equal emphasis on physical and spiritual healing, as well as their desire to serve the poorest and the most marginalized. We look forward to working with the organization in a different location and helping them develop their vision for the future. Will you consider using your skills to serve this ministry?


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