Early February 2019
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EMI Uganda is priviledged to partner with a local ministry, Faithfully Nurturing Children [FNC], to provide Master Planning and Concept Design for a new Secondary School Campus just a few miles north of the capitol city Kampala, Uganda. This campus will have capacity for up to 500 students and will including classrooms, administration, student boarding, staff accommodation, agricultural areas, and sports facilities.

Project Scope

EMI Uganda is priviledged to partner with a local ministry, Faithfully Nurturing Children [FNC], to provide Master Planning and Concept Design for a new Secondary School Campus just a few miles north of the capitol city Kampala, Uganda.  FNC exists to bring hope to the hopeless through high quality, affordable Christian education.  The FNC Base CAmp is strategically located in one of Kampala's largest slubs called Kamwokya.  If you are every to visit the current FNC campus, you will know that God purposely planted them in the middle of a war zone for the souls of the community.  The current campus is surrounded with extreme poverty, disparite religions, and most challenging of all, fatherless children.  

The development of this new Secondary School Campus has the vision to continue in their tradition of sustainable hope.  It will allow for a much needed expansion to the 4th through 12th grade levels and ease the pressure on their current facilities where they hope to continue, and even expand, their outreach to the children of the local slum. It will include:

  • Classroom blocks for 4th through 12th grade (approx 25 students per class)
  • Boarding facilities for up to 500 students
  • Staff accommodation
  • Guest/volunteer housing
  • Administration Facility
  • Multi-purpose Building [Dining/Chapel]
  • Agriculture areas for self sustaining food supply
  • Sports/recreation facilities

The following personal expression of the vision and origin story from the founders is something I wanted to share as a glimpse into the heart of the this amazing ministry:

FNC at it's conception, was an acronym for Friday Night Church.  We took a shot gun approach at our area God had called us to providing several platforms of ministry which included: "The Fire Place" (a once a month corporate worship gathering for the entire community), Bible Studies for both men and women, "World Changers", (our teens ministry) which still goes on today, and Joy Club, an after school program geared toward the little ones.  All of these were going well, but the one area we saw the most traction in was Joy Club.  The numbers began with 67 on the first week, then climbed above 500 after just 6 short months.  We knew God was trying to get our attention, for what, we really didn't know.  Until a little girl named Christine decided to take a step of faith and write my wife Wendy a small note...

What all of us didn't know, and probably not even Christine herself, was what God was about ready to unleash...It was shortly after reading this note, FNC Academy was birthed.  Like most endeavors, our beginnings were humbling; learning mostly as we went.  But with our eyes on Jesus, He made it happen.  Day by day it became less of a dream and more of a reality.  Today, FNC Academy has more than 160 students, Pre-K through 6th grade, and employs more than 32 full time Ugandans.  

This ministry lives out the gospel command in James 1:27..."looking after orphans and widows in their distress..."  EMI is thankful for the opportunity to come along side them in support and would like to ask you to pray and consider joining us in designing a world of hope for Faithfully Nurturing Children's new Secondary School.  

— Jim Jose, EMI Uganda trip leader


Architecture: Planning, Gen. Arch.

Campus Master Planning & Building Concept Design

Civil Engineering: Potable Water, Wastewater, Civil Engineering, Grading

Campus Grading/Utility Planning

Electrical Engineering: Electrical Engineering

Campus/Building Electrical Planning

Structural Engineering: Structural Engineering

Building Structural Design

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