February 3-14, 2019

EMI is excited to partner with Relay Trust in the formation of the Mount Zion Training and Retreat Center. Mount Zion is going to serve a triple role as a retreat center with housing for short term courses (such as pastoral retreats), a training center for long term residential training for church leaders on higher levels, and lastly it will facilitate the training of grassroots and church leaders through distance courses. From Mount Zion, minor satellite centers scattered over both Sierra Leone and Guinea will be served. These satellite centers will operate through local churches and be supervised by a local administrator. Mount Zion will use mobile technology and e-learning to achieve its goal of reaching out to the remote areas and make the materials available in local languages/dialects where needed.

Project Scope

Our EMI project team will perform a master plan for the ministry's development over the next 10-15 years on this site. The first phase of construction will include classrooms, training spaces, offices, administrative support and e-learning facilities such as a recording studio. Future phase construction will be focused on accommodations for staff and up to 40 long-term training participants as well as a meeting hall/chapel and a dining facility.

The team will perform conceptual architectural design of the Phase 1 building(s) which will house classrooms, study areas, offices, recording studio, library and support spaces. This building may be one or two stories in height.

Infrastructure design will include water, wastewater and power systems.  Power design will include analysis of generator versus solar power for backup. 

Due to the hot, humid conditions most of the year, the team will also provide sizes and configurations for HVAC systems

A survey of the undeveloped, hilly 95m x 65m site will also be needed.

Please consider joining Relay Trust as they partner with the local church in Sierra Leone and Guinea in equipping pastors to pass on the baton of Good News throughout these two countries.

— Kevin Keiter, EMI USA trip leader


Architecture: Position filled
Civil Engineering: Position filled
Electrical Engineering: Position filled
Mechanical Engineering: Position filled
Structural Engineering: Position filled
Survey: Position filled
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