Feb 1-11, 2019
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It is EMI's privilege to partner with MS Academy Verrettes in Verrettes, Haiti, to design a K-12 school, church, and medical clinic. Having started with a soccer academy and an education sponsorship program, this ministry has purchased a 13 acre property to construct facilities from which to operate its varied ministries of education for children, training for teachers, and providing spiritual and medical care for the community.

Project Scope

The vision for Lespwa Lavi Academy, a K-12 school, grew out of a desire within Ricardo Pierre-Louis, a Haitian American, to provide education and opportunities for Haitian children living in and around the rural town of Verrettes, Haiti.

Having represented Haiti as a young soccer player and received his university education in the US, Ricardo returned to Haiti to begin ministry to the community of Verrettes with a soccer academy, MS Academy Verrettes, and providing educational sponsorships for his players. With a lack of school facilities in Verrettes, MSAV decided to pursue the construction and establishment of their own school, MSAV Lespwa Lavi. This will be a 14 classroom, K-12 facility.

With the purchase of a 13 acre property for the soccer academy and the school, and as ministry and discipleship happened in the community, a church ministry was founded. A small, temporary building has been constructed on the property for the church.

This EMI team will come alongside MSAV to master plan their property for a school, a church, and also a medical clinic. The latter will address the great need for improved health care in Verrettes and the surrounding community.

Visit the MSAV website to read more of Ricardo's story and how this ministry is already impacting the community of Verrettes.

Will you pray and consider joining us with your design skills to bless the children and families in Verrettes, Haiti?

— Gregory Young, EMI Canada trip leader


Architecture: Position filled
Civil Engineering: Storm water, Potable Water, Wastewater, Grading
Electrical Engineering: Power Distribution, Solar

Back-Up Generation

Structural Engineering: Position filled

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