Jan 31st to Feb 12th, 2019

EMI is privileged to serve the Hiwot Berhan Church of Ethiopia and their ministry partner, WorldServe Ministries, by providing a new master plan, designing infrastructure upgrades, and planning new facilities to increase their ministry impact at their Loke ministry center, near Awassa, Ethiopia.

Project Scope

Hiwot Berhan Church of Ethiopia is a Pentacostal denomination with more than 3.5 million church members. Founded in 1960, it celebrated its golden jubilee in August, 2010.

Their multi-purpose ministry location at Loke, a 20 acre parcel on the shore of Lake Awassa, is currently home to dormitories for seminary students, classrooms for an elementary school, and a base for community outreach.

These facilities and their accompanying infrastructure are operational but plans are needed for their renewal and for new buildings to increase their capacity. New buildings would include a Community Hall and facilities to host an eco-tourism program.

Would you pray and consider using your professional skills to serve this thriving ministry to the people of Ethiopia?

— Stephen Ulrich, EMI Canada trip leader


Architecture: Planning, Landscape
Civil Engineering: Potable Water, Wastewater, Grading

Senior Civil

Electrical Engineering:

senior Electrical

Structural Engineering: Position filled
Survey: Position filled
Other Specialties: Position filled
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