The Khrist Jyoti Academy (KJA) in Dehradun was started in 2009 to bring high quality education to those deprived of the opportunity in the region. With their team of dedicated staff, the school has been providing more than just academics to the students. A focus on moral, social, and cultural growth ensures each child holistic development at the institution. It’s a great privilege for EMI to partner with the school to help them expand from elementary level to a high school.

Project Scope

The school occupies a 2.5 acre land adjacent to the New Theological College. Over the past ten years, it has increased capacity from 25 students to over 300. The campus has a school building for both administration and classroom functions for nursery to grade 7, and a sports field. KJA hopes to expand up to grade 12, and for that they require a middle school and high school building.

EMI has been requested to assist them in the first phase of development – the concept design of the high school building. A team of 6-7 people will travel to Dehradun, Uttarakhand and spend a week at the campus. We will hear the story of this ministry from the leaders there, listen to their needs and future plans, and analyse the site and existing facilities. Our aim is to provide them with a masterplan showing future development of the campus, a concept level design of the high school building, which also includes site grading, water collection plan and structural recommendations.

We are excited to work with this organization, and to see first-hand how their Christ-focused work is empowering students to be lights in their community. Please prayerfully consider the volunteer options below. If you would like to use your skills on this project, let us know.  


Architecture: Position filled
Civil Engineering: Position filled
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