The Chinchpada Christian Hospital is one of twenty hospitals run by the Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA). Located in the northern region of Maharashtra, the hospital primarily serves the Bhil tribal community. The hospital has plans to provide care for the elderly as a new medical service, and EMI is privileged to help them design the facilities required for it.

Project Scope

The 50-bed hospital has been in operation since 1942. The campus is approximately 7 acres and includes the hospital buildings as well as housing quarters for the staff. They’ve been looking at serving the elderly community as there are no geriatric facilities anywhere in the region. They would like a new building for a geriatric care hospice. The building will also include some utility functions for the hospital.

EMI’s partnership with EHA spans many years and we have been invited to assist them in developing their vision. With a team of 4-5 people, we will travel to Maharashtra and spend a week living at the campus. We will work closely with the hospital staff and ministry leaders to fully understand their needs. Our aim is to provide them with a concept level plan for the new building that fits in with their hospital masterplan.

We are excited to work with EHA again. Their mission to spread God’s love by bring healthcare where it is needed most is very inspiring. Please prayerfully consider the volunteer option below. If you would like to use your skills on this project, let us know.  


Architecture: Gen. Arch.

preferably with healthcare experience

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