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EMI is excited to continue our partnership with the Nkhoma Hospital to develop a Master Plan for their existing hospital campus. Recently, Nkhoma's leadership made the decision to take a phased approach to renovate, expand and rework their existing buildings in order to improve services to their community. Our work will be to develop a comprehensive development plan that can be implemented in phases and will consider all current and anticipated hospital departments and services.

Project Scope

Nkhoma Hospital was founded in 1915 as a result of a partnership between the Presbyterian Church of Scotland and the Dutch Reformed Church of South Africa.  Over many years, the hospital has grown to serve a community of 78,000 people. They have a vision to provide quality health care service to all in a compassionate and professional manner, inspired by the love of Christ. The Nkhoma mission also includes three primary schools, a nursing college, theology school and two secondary schools.

In the summer and fall of 2018, EMI worked on Nkhoma village's water system infrastructure and designed a Maternity expansion for the hospital.  We also reviewed the proposed village wastewater upgrade master plan and analyzed alternatives to improve the quality and reliability of their power distribution systems. 

Until recently, the hospital had envisioned raising funds to build a new hospital at Nkhoma village and repurpose their existing hospital buildings.  Through many discussions and extensive consideration, the hospital recently decided to focus their effort on reworking the existing hospital facilities over time instead of building a completely new hospital facility. 

Therefore, Nkhoma is looking for this EMI team to develop a master plan that will allow them systematically rework the hospital facilities, addressing the most critical needs first, while continuing to provide vital services to the local community and the 19 clinics that they support in the region. The scope of our work will include master planning, architectural design, development of water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure, HVAC system sizing for select spaces and design of modifications to the existing power distribution system.

Will you consider joining us in helping Nkhoma continue their 100+ year old mission to share the love of Christ as they serve their community's medical needs?

— Ben Banta, EMI USA trip leader


Architecture: Planning, Healthcare

Lead healthcare architect and support architects to assist with the development of the campus master plan, phasing, and design of first phase

Civil Engineering: Civil Engineering

Two or three engineers to design the water, wastewater and stormwater system modifications to be made to support the master plan revisions

Electrical Engineering: Electrical Engineering

One or two engineers to design changes to the existing power infrastructure to accommodate the master plan and to consider solar power alternatives

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