Mar 7-18, 2019

It is EMI's privilege to partner with the Jordan @ Jericho Foundation (J@J) to create a sustainable farming operation to support the growth of the Cambodian Church. J@J plans to accomplish their goals through the spiritual vision to bring more Cambodians to know the love of our Savior Jesus Christ through ministerial programs, activities, education, and leadership training. The spiritual vision is complemented by the social vision to implement sustainable certified organic farming that will serve as a training ground for the community, creating jobs, introducing modern organic farming technology, and elevating the overall standard of living of Cambodians impacted by the Foundation. This Christ centered training and farming operation will make a significant impact on the local community to not only raise the standard of living but also to lead individuals towards the eternal life that is found in Christ.

Project Scope

Jordan @ Jericho Foundation is currently in possession of soft title and is in process of obtaining hard title to 200+ hectares of land in Kompong SpeuA boundary and topographic survey of the site has already been performed and has been providedAn additional parcel of land of approximately 2 hectares of land is nearby and is to be used for staff housing, warehouse, and other ancillary functionsArchitectural site renderings have been developed for this area by others on the Jordan @ Jericho team, but who are unavailable to further develop the plansA boundary survey of this land has been performed, but there has not been a topographic survey


EMI has partnered with Jordan @ Jericho and asked to use the existing architectural site master plan for the staff housing area to further develop both concept and construction drawings for the initial phaseThis initial phase contains a single staff housing and toilet unit, an open sided, covered common area as well as a warehouse/work area that will initially be a slab with a temporary coveringConcept drawings need to be developed for site utilities to provide water and wastewater to all proposed buildings in the architectural site master planDetailed architectural building plans, structural drawings, and utility plans need to be developed for the initial buildings as described above.


In a different location, but still on land owned by Jordan at Jericho, there is a need to construct a house for the General ManagerBoth concept drawings as well as detailed architectural, structural, and utility drawings need to be developed for this housePiles for a proposed foundation have already been placed and these are anticipated to be incorporated into the design, if possibleThe house is anticipated to be a traditional Cambodian style elevated house.  


The above facilities are hoped to be constructed prior to the Cambodian rainy season which typically begins in late April/MayConstruction is expected to take approximately 3 months


Civil Engineering: Position filled
Structural Engineering: Structural Engineering

Structural design for several buildings. Primarily single story housing units and an open warehouse.

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