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June 15th – 30th 2019

The vision of the Emmanuel Ministry Center in downtown Cairo is to serve, equip and grow the Christian community from all denominational backgrounds throughout the nation of Egypt, with a primary focus on the unchurched, the underprivileged and the under-served. For over half a century it has been used for training Christian leaders, hosting youth groups and supporting college outreach. They have invited EMI to help plan how best to use their strategic, city center location might best to serve and expand the Egyptian church in the future.

Project Scope

The Emmanuel Center was founded to train Christian women leaders in 1950. It later expanded to training men, alongside hosting college action groups and the first co-ed Christian youth meeting in Cairo. It was the springboard for many churches to start their own youth ministries and was the training center for many future ministry leaders. The 1400 square meter (0.34 acre) site sits in the heart of Cairo, within 500m of the central railway station and a major bus terminal. The plot, however, has been developed in a piecemeal fashion, consisting only of single-story structures and so is greatly underutilized.

The facility is hired out by many varied ministries, using it on a weekly basis or for one-off events. Alongside being a place for church groups to meet, they also foster and support para-church ministries including: Christian media production, worship schools, leadership training schools and a ministry to refugees. The majority of their activities are focused on serving the poor, hence the significance of their land being easily accessible by all modes of public transport. As they look to the years to come, they desire to steward their land well and want to multiply its impact.

EMI has been invited to design a phased master plan of the whole site. It is expected to include: space for some ministries to be permanently housed in office space, classrooms and small studios; rooms for other groups to use in for regular meetings or training; and a soccer field to replace the existing one to continue serving the youth and children who use the facility. They envisage thousands of people of multiple denominations being able to use their campus each week, each being discipled in their own Christian walk and equipped to share the message of the Gospel with others in this region.

EMI is excited to partner with the Emmanuel Center and to help them develop their vision for the future of God’s kingdom in the Middle East. Will you consider using your skills to walk alongside and serve this ministry?


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