Late May to Early June

EMI is excited to work with VSM Africa and the Vineyard Churches of Kenya on this new theological training campus located in the suburbs of Nairobi. When complete, this new school will provide up to 250 students with 2 years of theological training from an African cultural perspective. The campus will include classrooms, a student center, dining, kitchen, administration and on-campus housing.

Project Scope

The Vineyard School of Ministry has a mission to equip Christian leaders to proclaim and demonstrate the kingdom of God for the transformation of our churches, communities, and the world. The new Vineyard School of Ministry campus will be a place of theological training to empower and equip diverse Africans to find their own voice through the exploration of Scripture, understanding their past heritage, and the engagement with their current culture and context. The campus will ultimately include classrooms for up to 250 students, an administration block, hostel(s) for some amount of the total students, multipurpose hall, library, dining hall, kitchen and guest/lecturer block (4 apartments) to facilitate the 2-year educational program.  Our project team will perform a master plan and infrastructure design for this new ministry site and conceptual architectural design of the first two buildings to be constructed there which would likely comprise the Phase 1 classrooms, offices, kitchen, dining and one dormitory-style student housing unit.

The infrastructure design will include water, wastewater and stormwater system design as well as conceptual design of the electrical power systems for both the Phase 1 and final campus build-out.

We are excited to be able to partner with VSM, helping them accomplish their mission of raising up generations of new Christian leaders who proclaim and demonstrate the Kingdom of God as Jesus Christ did.  Will you join us?


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