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June 13 - 19

El Jardin Sagrado (The Sacred Garden) is a small campus near Orosi, Costa Rica that functions as a retreat center for churches, conferences, missions teams, vacation bible schools, and spiritual renewal.

The campus is now facing a major challenge. The river adjacent the property floods during heavy rains. The ministry estimates they have already lost half an acre of their land due to erosion of the river banks, and some of their facilities will be at risk of severe damage if this erosion continues.

Project Scope

EMI has been blessed to serve Global Outreach Mission (GOM) on numerous occasions. Specifically at El Jardin Sagrado, EMI has provided a master plan for this campus, as well as designs for multiple buildings during the course of three previous visits.

Last October, the Orosi Valley experienced almost 1200mm (that's about 4 feet!) of rainfall in less than one month. By comparison, Calgary (where EMI Canada's office is located) receives an average of just over 400mm of total precipitatoin (snow included) annually.

This campus urgently needs a solution to stop the erosion, and have contacted EMI to step in.

This project will have an immediate impact on a great ministry in Costa Rica. If you feel that your knowledge and experience fits the needs of this project well, please express your interest as soon as possible. Please join us in helping this ministry protect their valuable land resources!

— Braden Swab, EMI Canada trip leader


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