October 2019

It is a privilege for EMI to be able to partner with Truth Quest Ministries on the Liberty Children’s Home Project to provide technical assistance with the design of a rainwater collection system, a solar hot water system and a solar photo-voltaic system. These systems will allow the Liberty Children’s Home to greatly reduce their monthly operating costs.

Project Scope

Liberty Children’s Home is located in Ladyville, Belize and it currently home to approximately 40 abandoned, abused, or neglected Belizean children. To meet the basic care-giving, shelter, nutritional, and educational needs of the children is a challenge. A substantial portion of the home’s monthly budget is absorbed in water, electricity to heat water, and electricity for general use. The children survive on a meager diet consisting primary of beans and bread with little fruit or vegetable intake. The current staffing is stretched to the maximum child-to-care-giver ratio allowed by the government, and yet still more children are assigned to the home on a routine basis. Installation of systems of these nature will help to offset ongoing operational costs and allow resources to be allocated to the nutritional and other basic needs of the children.

This project will be led by EMI’s Nicaragua Office.  Will you join us in designing a world of hope?.


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