Early February 2020

The Bethesda Medical and Dental Center was established in 1963 in Vaudreuil - a town roughly 7km west of Cap Haïtien in northern Haiti. For over 50 years, they have provided an abundance of medical and dental services to the local population in both in-patient and out-patient capacities. Throughout its history, Bethesda has operated all medical facilities on leased land. They have recently been asked to move by the landowner, and need to rebuild the clinic on new land...

Project Scope

Bethesda provides integral medical services to the community of Vaudreuil. They perform general medical consultations, prenatal/maternity/pediatric care, HIV/AIDS treatement, nutrition, immunizations, dental services, malaria programs, and emergency room service...the list goes on from there!

The cost for a consultation, lab work, and medicine at Bethesda is just $13 USD, but for many people this price is still too much. For many, going to the doctor is already a last resort. However, people know when they come to Bethesda they won't be turned away...even if they can't pay.

EMI is partnering with Bethesda to provide a master plan for their new property, as well as building design for Phase 1 buildings. Special attention will also be given to infrastructure, as there are no public water, sanitary, or electrical services available and the facility is a critical one for the community. A detailed survey of the new property will also be required.

Please consider joining our team on this project as we serve Bethesda, and the people of Vaudreuil by extension, as they continue to be a light for Christ in northern Haiti.

— Braden Swab, EMI Canada trip leader


Architecture: Planning, Gen. Arch.
Civil Engineering: Storm water, Potable Water, Wastewater, Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering: Power Distribution, Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering: HVAC
Structural Engineering: Structural Engineering
Survey: Surveyor
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