Nov 11-21, 2019

Disability issues are still a peripheral and overlooked issue in Malaysian society and many of the services currently available are for children or limited to day programmes. Parents are anxious about who will continue to care for their adult disabled children as parents continue to age as well. Quad E is aimed at providing a living environment for adults with disabilities conducive to engaging, enabling, enhancing, and empowering them towards independence in their daily living. By having a campus with supported, semi-independent, and independent living, these residents can learn to care for themselves and become engaged in the local community.

Project Scope

Quad E was formed by a group of people who care deeply for the disabled in Malacca, Malaysia raising awareness in the Malaysian church and society. Out of their personal experiences of having children with disabilities who are now adults, they understand the need and have acquired a 4.7-acre site in Malacca to be the first community for adults with disabilities.

The site, pictured above, was formerly for agriculture. This campus will include:

  • Group¬†residential homes
  • An administrative building with: a small chapel, offices, multi-purpose hall, therapy rooms, and guest accommodations.¬†
  • Vocational facilities for cooking and agriculture (vegetables, hydroponics, and aquaculture)
  • Recreation facilities to include a playground, walking tracks, and swimming pool with hydrotherapy pool

The campus should be able to accommodate people with different types of disabilities and levels of mobility. Knowledge of accessible design (e.g. ADA in the US) is necessary.

EMI is proud to partner with Quad E to recognise and affirm the full humanity and personhood of all individuals with mental, physical, developmental, neurological, and psychological conditions or disabilities as children of God. We look forward in helping them find their place in the church and society.


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