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The vision of this ministry is to offer rest and refreshment to national ministry workers who are often overworked and underfunded. This project will provide a place for workers to unwind with their families and a home for retired pastors.

EMI is excited to partner with them, to give voice to their vision, and to help them plan and build for the future. Will you join us in designing a world of hope?

Project Scope

The EMI team will work on developing a master plan for a 10+ acre property to accommodate 15-25 families. The undeveloped site is on the southern coast of Tamil Nadu, with views of the Indian Ocean.

The ministry has requested the master plan include a series of residential buildings, which will consist of 10-15 family-style villas, 10 residential units, a prayer hall, recreational area, and dining facilities. The plans will include conceptual designs for the residential buildings, community building, and landscape site design. Additionally, our team will complete a topographic survey of the 10+ acre site to facilitate the master planning process.

The area receives significant rainfall; therefore, our site master plan will include provisions for storm water management. The proximity to the sea is also a concern for soil erosion. We will need to evaluate water supply options and design the water/wastewater facilities for the site. All of these factors call for a sustainable/economical approach to address site-specific issues.

Would you prayerfully consider joining our team?



Architecture: Planning, Landscape, Gen. Arch.

Master Planner, Landscape Architect and Building Architect

Civil Engineering: Storm water, Potable Water, Wastewater, Erosion, Environmental Engineering, Grading

Coastal Engineer and Civil/Environmental Engineer

Survey: Surveyor, Surveyor Tech.

Topographic survey of the project site

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