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EMI Cambodia will be hosting a Civil Engineering Practicum to train and help develop civil engineers by applying their experience in a developing world context. This trip will allow you to get some training from engineer professionals with years of experience working on civil projects throughout Cambodia. The majority of the training will be hands on, taking place in the field at sites of previous projects where we will assess and learn from constructed designs. We will also be looking at some new project sites of ministries that are in need of flooding, clean water, and wastewater solutions. This practicum will help you grow in your civil engineering experience within the developing world for future EMI project trips.

Project Scope

The country of Cambodia is mostly a flat low level river delta that experiences flooding throughout the country on an annual basis. This type of terrain creates many challenges for clean water, wastewater, and drainage solutions that are needed by many organizations both in the capital city of Phnom Penh and also in the rural provinces. Since our EMI office has been established in 2017, we have been working with many organizations to resolve the wastewater and drainage issues they face.

Civil Engineering professional, Jeff Wing will be teaching and training a short course on civil engineering in the developing world in our office which will be followed by several days of visiting sites of existing projects and also using the training to begin resolving challnges that new project ministries are facing. Jeff has been working organizations, like TransformAsia, in the northern region of Cambodia for many years. he has helped to develop techniques for biosand filtration systems, biodigestors to address waste, and several water and wastewater systems for schools and other project sites.

Our team will be made up of young Cambodian civil engineering students and recent graduates, the EMI civil engineers from our local office, and a few civil volunteers that would like to have a better understanding of how to apply what they know towards sustainable solutions for the developing world. The information you gain from this practicum will be useful as you continue to join EMI for future projects and allow you to prepare better design solutions for client ministries.

Space is limited due to in-country travel transportation size and the capacity of the ministries we will be serving. Please consider joining us as we grow and learn together in order to better serve God's people.

— Chris Hardrick, EMI Cambodia trip leader


Civil Engineering: Storm water, Potable Water, Wastewater, Civil Engineering, Grading
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