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February 2021

EMI is excited to perform this master plan and conceptual design of a new community of 7-12 small homes and a community building in the Tampa Bay area for women who are finding freedom from the sex trafficking industry, addictions and abuse. The Selah Place will be a sanctuary where these women and their families receive discipleship, mentoring and training in an environment where they can pause, rest and reflect on the goodness of God.

Project Scope

EMI welcomes the opportunity to partner with The Selah Place as they begin this new ministry of care to women who are recovering from difficult life circumstances.  The scope of the project is to create a master plan for the 2.4 acre site in Pinellas Park, Florida (in the Tampa Bay area) which will include 7-12 small homes as well as a building where these women will receive discipleship, training and build community with one another and the Selah Place staff.

The EMI team will work together with the ministry in the Tampa Bay area to document the program, develop the master plan and conceptual design of the typical home and the community building.

The work also includes developing a design approach for the civil and electrical infrastructure including identifying water, wastewater and electrical antciipated demands and utility availability.

Won't you consider participating with EMI on our first conceptual design in the continental US as we seek to help the Selah Place establish the design for their new ministry center?

— Rex Barber, EMI USA trip leader


Architecture: Position filled
Civil Engineering: Position filled
Electrical Engineering: Position filled
Survey: Surveyor

Survey site, 2.4 acres and locate major trees.

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