Early October

EMI is honoured to partner with Mt. Olives Community Church to develop a ministry centre, a hub for the ministry's activities across Uganda. Mt. Olives Community Church extends its impact on the community through partnerships with sister churches across the country and the training of pastors and leaders. The centre is envisioned to provide accommodation for missionaries and leadership, a training centre with accommodation for visitors, and a parsonage for the main pastor on a site in Mukono district.

Project Scope

EMI will provide both Master plan and schematic designs documents for a ministry centre on an approximately 1.9-acre piece of land in Mukono. The team will provide multidisciplinary master planning services, i.e. building layouts, wall fence and gates, access, pedestrian/ vehicular circulation, water supply, wastewater and solid waste treatment, drainage and grading, and site electrical. The team will also develop schematic designs for buildings:

1. A ministry centre with 15 double beds and private baths,  restaurant and kitchen to serve 60 people, a meeting room that can accommodate 60 people, a front desk with office space, laundry areas, maintenance and a store.

2. A single-family parsonage

3. Two housing units for an on-site Missionary and visiting leadership

As part of the schematic design, the team will assess four existing buildings on-site and recommend their incorporation into the master plan.

A message in a letter, 1 Thessalonians 5, speaks of encouragement and building up one another. EMI is honoured to partner with Mt. Olives Community Church, building up the Church of Christ by training and supporting pastors and leaders across the country. The ministry centre will be a hub that supports the work of establishing God's Kingdom in Uganda. 



— Matthew Ngango, EMI Uganda trip leader


Architecture: Position filled
Civil Engineering: Position filled
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