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*Note: We are awaiting final confirmation on this project. We have published this tentative opportunity with the expectation it will be confirmed.

EMI is honored to continue our partnership with Medical Benevolence Foundation (MBF) by providing master planning for one of MBF's mission hospital campuses located in Malawi, to aid in their mission of training up local surgeons and doctors to provide hope and healing for the poor around the globe. As a follow-up to our hospital sustainability assessment project in May 2022, this team will work on developing a master site plan for an existing (nearly 100 year-old!) hospital.

Project Scope

Mission hospitals have been one of the cornerstones of the provision of medical care in Malawi for more than a hundred years. As the nature of health care continues to change, mission hospitals are in need of additional planning and design to help them grow and operate in an effective and sustainable manner. EMI completed a hospital sustainability assessment of several mission hospitals in Malawi in 2022, and we now have the opportunity to assist one of the hospitals with further spatial planning and design.  

The EMI team will visit the hospital campus to engage with program directors and participants, capturing the vision and goals of the programs. We will work with hospital leadership to assess the current challenges, desired growth, and projected needs to develop a strategic approach for the future growth of the hospital  The team will develop a master plan for the campus, providing recommended growth opportunites and conceptual-level architectural design for the priority facilities.

EMI is excited to continue our partnership with MBF and the CCAP Malawi mission hospitals as they pursue God's vision for their hospitals and serve their communities through medical care. Will you prayerfully consider joining us in February 2023 in designing a world of hope for the people of Malawi?

— Ellery Walker, EMI South Africa trip leader


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