June 16- 25, 2023

EMI is honored to partner with Faith Frontiers in designing a multi-purpose camp on the Great Zab River located 40 minutes outside Erbil. The purpose of the project is to provide a place to host Christian camps, English immersion camps, sports camps, and opening the facility for public use. This would be the first Christian Camp in the region and would be a secure, private venue for Christians to host conferences and retreats.
The Christian population in Iraq has dropped from 3 million to 250,000. Evangelicals/Protestants are even less. Most young people, Christian and non-Christian, want to get out of the country. Youth unemployment and underemployment are high. This project would also offer employment opportunities for refugees, locals, and new converts who are in desperate need for jobs. 

The masterplan would include a welcome center, river rafting facilities, lodging for guests and staff, a wedding venue, picnic grounds, nature paths, a nature education center, pools, a soccer pitch, parking, organic vegetable gardens, a tree nursery, a pond, and other facilities. 

Project Scope

Our team's scope will include development of a long-term masterplan, conceptual building design, and site infrastructure planning. 

1. Programming: Starting with the list of facilities provided by the client, EMI will conduct further meetings with the client to draw out requirements of different spaces and conclude this task with a program listing all facilities on the site and associated space needed for each.

2. Site Masterplan: Using the results of the programming, a comprehensive masterplan will be created for the site showing the proposed locations of each facility and associated phasing for each.

3. Conceptual Building Design: providing building concepts that include floor plans, elevations, and basic 3D images. 

4. Site Infrastructure Planning: Assess site conditions and typical practices, and provide recommendations for water, wastewater, drainage, and electrical systems.

Won't you consider joining us in partnering with Faith Frontiers in this great work in Iraq?


Architecture: Position filled
Civil Engineering: Position filled
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