Early March 2018

Sustainability. Empowering others. Community change. These ideas provide the vision behind many organizations these days, and rightfully so. The ministry of Beyond Uganda has taken these ideas and implemented them in the very needy community of Bugiri, Uganda for several years and are now reaping the spiritual and physical fruit of that vision.

Project Scope

The vision for Beyond Uganda was born on a short-term mission trip to the area of Bugiri, Uganda in September, 2011.  On that trip, a young lady's heart was moved as she encountered child after child who lacked so many of the basic needs that we take for granted.  One young girl shared that she had no option but to be married, at the age of 12, because she lacked the simple necessity of a pair of shoes and a uniform which would allow her to attend school.  This story broke the young lady's heart and it then served as the impetus for her, her family, and others to invest their lives in this very needy community.  Soon after that trip, Beyond Uganda (BU) was formed with a holistic vision for helping the people of Bugiri .

The first step in that vision was the Not Forgotten program, an opportunity to invest in the education of local children who would never have that opportunity without outside intervention.  These children, with so very much potential, will grow to be community changers in the future.  After that, followed programs for empowering women, including micro-loans and training to be tailors.  The success rate of this program is astounding, 100% of the women have re-paid their initial $50 loans allowing them to provide so much more for their families through their new work.  Another focus for BU has been the provision of clean water for Bugiri families.  This provision touches families in so many dimensions, and more can be read about it on BU's website below.  Wrapped around each of these programs however, is the deepest part of BU's vision, and to understand it we will let the young lady whose heart was initially touched in 2011 speak again -

"I am so grateful for your prayers that this not be about me or the people giving or even the people receiving but be about Glory to the God that can bring us all together to show and share love that will continue on to others."

This God-glorifying vision continues to move forward.  BU has purchased a 43-acre parcel of land just outside Bugiri that will help BU grow into the future.  The land is mostly undeveloped, providing significant potential to expand BU's current ministries while maintaining space for future ministry opportunities as well.

Will you come alongside Beyond Uganda in this God-given vision?  This spring, EMI will mobilize a team to provide a phased master plan for the 43-acre parcel to help BU utilize the land to the fullest.  Beyond Uganda envisions a Christ-centered school, missionary housing, agri-business opportunities, and a church building for this campus.  What a great opportunity to use your skills for our Lord's Kingdom work.


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